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Le Noob...

yay, my first community post... ever. (yeah, a real noob)

Name/Alias: Shams
Age: 17 (going on 18)
Location: Perth, Australia
Gender: F
Sexual Orientation: Bi
Vegetarian/vegan/almost veggie?: err, nearly veggie. having minor slips along the way (check out my journal to see what i mean) but am determined to see this through.
How long have you been veg: Two weeks! unless you mean *completely* veg, in which case: 2 days. :(
How out are you: eh, pretty out. Throwing a 'coming out' party which should be nice and shocking for clueless acquaintances.
Relationship status: painfully single
Favorite bands/artists: the Decemberists, David Byrne, Live, Sufjan Stevens, anything rock or indie and ashamedly, the Veronicas.
Favorite movies/tv shows: Stargate, Parent Trap, Friends, Star Wars (all of 'em).
Favorite books/authors: Jonathan Strange, Bridget Jones, HP series, Douglas Adams, Bill Bryson, Phil Pullman.
Favorite things to do: fill out questionnaires. of course. go on field trips, or holidays, or read in a quiet spot.
Five words to describe yourself: geeky, doodler, procrastinator, LaidBackGrammarNazi, short.
Where did you find us?: Browsing through a friend of a friend's userinfo.
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