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heya..I'm Adam

Name/Alias: adam
Age: 24
Location: Tempe, AZ
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Gay...
Vegetarian/vegan/almost veggie?: vegan
How long have you been veg: 2 yrs
How out are you: ummm.. we'll i don't lie, but mose people think im straight.
Relationship status: thankfully single
Favorite bands/artists: Imogen Heap, The Addicts, The Drips, Social D., TSOL, MSI, Deftones, NIN, The Mars Volta...blah blah blah
Favorite movies/tv shows: Metropolis, 1984, Serial Experiments Lain, Monanoke...
Favorite books/authors: 1984, Mysterious Skin, A Brief History Of Time, Zombie Survival Guide...
Favorite things to do: over use elipses I guess... I enjoy video games, going to shows, reading, yelling, and being random.
Five words to describe yourself: honest, nice, brilliant, random, interesting, multicultural.
Where did you find us?:  just browsing.
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