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Newb post

Name/Alias: Cat.
Age: 18
Location: Manchester (well, I'm at my parents' place at the moment, but I live in Manc).
Gender: Female.
Sexual Orientation: Lesbian.
Vegetarian/vegan/almost veggie?: Vegetarian. I really want to be vegan, but I don't eat very well so I think I might die if I tried that.
How long have you been veg: Going on four years.
How out are you: To all but family.
Relationship status: Single.
Favorite bands/artists: Overwhelmingly, my favourite band is Nine Inch Nails, but I'm pretty open about music; I'll listen to almost anything except bubblegum pop or pure screaming.
Favorite movies/tv shows: Favourite film is Gladiator, favourite TV shows are Farscape, Doctor Who, and House.
Favorite books/authors: I read everything.
Favorite things to do: Reading, calculus (huge dork, I know), mess around on the internet, all the usual stuff like hanging out with friends etc.
Five words to describe yourself: multi-cultural, introverted, self-deprecating, nerd, strange.
Where did you find us?: did a search-by-interest for "queer"
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