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This is a silly question but I really want to know. Is it cum of a vegetarian is different? As in color, smell and thickness. 

I have a friend who has been vegetarian for a very long time, and he seldom jerk off. One day I got the opportunity to ‘study’ his cum, it's mixed of light-yellowish and white ooze, the light-yellowish 'gel' is a bit transparent too; and it’s odorless, it even tasteless and not gluey at all.

When I asked another vegetarian friend of mine, he’s sexually active and is vegetarian at a certain level. He said his cum is purely white in color and odorless, he told me that his boyfriend said that his cum taste a bit sweet too. He also told me that even if after few days without oozing it out, his cum will not be yellowish at all.

 Will it be different for a vegetarian? Transparent cum? 

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