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*~* New Member *~*

So I thought I'd fill this out :)

Name/Alias: Marda
Age: 20
Location: San Jose, CA
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Out of the closest lesbian
Vegetarian/vegan/almost veggie?: vegetarian, though I hope to become vegan one day
How long have you been veg: since Jan 2006. It was my New Years Resolution
How out are you: To everyone, yet the parents are in denial :\
Relationship status: Dating
Favorite bands/artists: Jason Mraz, Marilyn Manson, Patti Smith, Rob Thomas, Flogging Molly and, of course, Jack Johnson
Favorite movies/tv shows: Party Monster, City Of Angels and But, I'm A Cheerleader
Favorite books/authors: Black & Blue and Girl, Interrupted
Favorite things to do: chill with the friends, go online, read, listen to music and write poetry
Five words to describe yourself: opinionated, shy, naive, guilable, nice
Where did you find us?: I typed in "vegetarian" on the search engine for the LJ communities
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